Joaquín Ramírez Cisneros

  • ESCP Europe / ESCP-EAP Master, MBA Executive, since 2007
  • Leon’s University Forestry Engineer PhD, GIS, Remote Sensing, Forestry, since 2003
  • Lleida’s University Forestry Engineer MSc, Forestry Engineering, since 1995
  • Polytechnic University of Madrid, School of Forestry
  • Forestry Engineer BSc, Forestry Engineering, since 1991
  • Associated Teacher at Engineering and agro forestry Sciences Dpt. Leon’s University
  • Owner of TECNOSYLVA since 1997. 

Main related activities 

  • Specialized in Geotechnologies, Wildfires Management & Decision Support Systems, GIS, GPS, Geomatics Remote Sensing, Teaching, Social Media, Spatial Analysis, And Research & Wildfire Modelling. Developments:
  • Coordinator in MasterFuego (Wildfire Management MsC Program) 
  • MsC Wildfires: Science and Management since 2012
  • Since 2012 DTSWildfire collaborator - Technosylva Inc (American division)
  • President - Innovative Business Association for network security and information systems (AEI) & Leon’s Business Association of Information Technology and Communications since January, 2010. 
  • Pau Costa Foundation – Founding Partner. Since January, 2011.
  • Alert4All 7th Framework Program EU, 2009
  • Preview Risk 6th Framework Program EU, 2009
    • PREVIEW is an EC- co funded research project looking for new techniques to better protect European citizens against environmental risks and to reduce their consequences. The project is coordinated by INFOTERRA France. PREVIEW will provide new or enhanced information services for risk management in three thematic domains: Atmospheric, Geophysics, Man-made.

Main related conferences and articles

  • Webmaster since January, 2010.
  • Partner in, 2012


  • Innovative Award for best public-private partnership, Valladolid 
  • (November – 2010): award to Tecnosylva, El Mundo Newspaper.
  • Website about Wildfires in USA, winner of “best web ESRI award”, 2012 
  • Best Technological Innovation Award, 3rd National Wildfire Symposium, Alicante (October – 2010): “WILDFIRE analyst: Wildfire Operational Simulator"
  • Best European innovator in Spain award, Europe (January – 2000): to Tecnosylva, European Commission.