Ferran Dalmau Rovira

  • Forestry Engineer since 2000 by the UPV (Valencia)
  • General Manager in MEDI XXI-GSA since 2005
  • Associated Teacher at Rural Engineering Dept. (UPV) since 2006
  • Researcher. Research Group of Forest Science and Technology - REFOR
  • Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering Dept. (UPV) since 2009
  • Board Member of the Consortium SIDEINFO® / WUI-PROTECT® since 2012

Main related activities

  • Engineer. Technology and Agrarian Services public company.
  • (Tragsatec - Tragsa Group) (2001-2005)
  • Civil Protection and Emergency Management Specialist (University of Valencia), 2006
  • Helitransported Wildfire Brigade Specialist (Polytechnic University of Madrid), 2002

Main related conferences and articles

  • “Residential areas in Wildland self-protection – SIDEINFO® project against wildfires” - Catalonia Forestry 2nd Congress (Tarragona, 2007)
  • “Wildfires. Landscape as resource destruction”
  • Magazine “Landscape and Gardening” number 150 (2007)
  • “Defensive alternatives in Wildland Urban Interface: SIDEINFO® project”
  •  Wildfires National 2nd Symposium – (Alacant, 2009)
  • “Preventing Wildfires in Wildland Urban Interface. SIDEINFO® strategy” - Emergency & Civil Protection Services 10th Congress – (Vitoria, 2011)
  • “Domestic Self-Protection against the risk of forest fires: Improving confinement conditions – SIDEINFO® domotized defense system against wildfires for domestic users” 
  • Wildfires National 5th Symposium – (Alacant, 2012)


  • Polytechnic University of Valencia Awards (10th edition – 2007): Analysis of fire risk elements in the Wildland – Urban Interface. Case study: la Ribera Alta (Valencia, Spain) – Medi XXI GSA. Collaborators: Cranfield University (England). 
  • Polytechnic University of Valencia Awards (14th edition – 2011): Torrent city Wildfire Prevention Plan (Valencia, Spain) – Medi XXI GSA. 
  • United Nations – Dubai International Awards, 2012 – BEST PRACTICE INTERNATIONA CODE ESP134-12 | “Sustainable management of woodland – urban interface in the neighborhood of "el Vedat" of Torrent” (Valencia, Spain)