David Caballero Valero

  • Forestry Engineer, since 1989.
  • Head of Forest Fire Department in MeteoGRID since 2007.
  • In-house engineer en Meteologica S.A.
  • Head of Forest Ecosystems Department in Tecnoma S.A.
  • Technical and scientific co-coordinator of R+TD projects in IBERINSA (ACCIONA)
  • Technical advisor on forest fire planning and management assessment in Counsel of Environment of the Autonomic Government of Madrid
  • Researcher in Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Main related activities

  • Specialized in the study of forest fires, the phenomenon and the natural and social risk, and how to prevent and suppress them. Early in the eighties developed a first decision support system based on computer models, particularly fire spread, called CARDIN. By then he was researcher in the University. 

Main related conferences and articles

  • Since then, and for 15 years, participated in several research projects about forest fires and information systems, such as WARM, AUTOHAZARD and EUFIRELAB.
  • All co-funded by the European Commission within the R+TD Framework Programms.
  • SCIER Project. Sensor & Computing Infrastructure for Environmental Risks (IST-5-035164). From 2006 to 2008
  • Forest fires and wildland-urban interface in Spain: types and risk distribution.
  • IV International Wildfire Conference, Seville. May 2007
  • Wildland-urban interface fire risk management: WARM project
  • II International Symposium on Fire Economics, Planning and Policy: A Global View. US Forest Service. Universidad de Córdoba. April 2004
  • Effect of random wind vectors in the final shape of fire spread simulation
  • V International Conference of Forest Fire Research. November 2006


  • Golden Wildfire Swatter award to the best investigation, 2011. 
  • Spanish Forestry Science Society