WUI-PROTECT® is a group of advanced engineering companies with a great technical solvency. MEDI XXI –GSA and Matinsa (FCC group) works together on the WUI-PROTECT® consortium management.
Medi XXI – GSA is a consulting company formed by professionals of various fields, its activity is directed primarily at environmental and territorial management from the complete and integral point of view of sustainable development.

Mantenimiento de Infraestructuras, S.A. (MATINSA) belongs to FCC group. The company was born in 1992 to serve citizens. Its main activity is to develop environmental works and services and to maintain big infrastructures such highways and dams. It is worth highlighting prevention and extinction of forest fires, environment restoring and conservation works and gardening works.
The staff was composed of Forest Engineers, Civil Engineers, Agricultural Engineers and Biologist.

With the technical collaboration of: